Business Litigation

Your business is your livelihood. This is why working with a reliable and responsive business litigation team is essential to maintaining your peace of mind.  If your business suffers from legal issues such as partnership disputes, breach of contract, fraud, unpaid debt or unfair competition,  seeking help right away is imperative.  Our firm has experience handling business litigation cases of all sizes from very complex to more routine matters like collections.

  • Breach of Contract – the resulting harm from breach of contract can be devastating for your business; causing delays, creating debt, and stopping work from being completed.  Let our Pasadena breach of contract law firm help you resolve your breach of contract issues quickly, so you can get back to business as usual.
  • Fraud – in the event your company has been deceived because of another party’s misrepresentation of a material fact during business negotiations you may have grounds for a fraud claim.  Fraud causes businesses to lose money and is very frustrating to deal with.  Our experienced fraud attorneys can help you recover quickly.
  • Partnership Disputes – partnership or shareholder disputes can occur over a number of reasons, but usually result when there is a disagreement about how to run a business, how to invest, and how to distribute dividends.  We will work with you to help resolve any internal disputes, and help get you back to business.
  • Unfair Competition – if your business is struggling because of the unfair actions of another company, you should consider claiming unfair competition.  Examples of unfair competition include false advertising or misappropriation, and The Liskey Law Firm can help.

Business litigation can be very complicated and perplexing.  The team of experienced business litigation attorneys at The Liskey Law Firm are ready to assist your company in securing success and thwarting any legal barriers that may arise.